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Vrl packers and movers is a company that transports goods or relocates items in Bangalore. Bangalore is famous for its economic and cultural activities. People attract to a new location because of various kinds of economic opportunities. Many people shift to different cities because of employment, transfer, and education.

The major problem faced by almost every citizen is shifting stuff which is a challenging process that consumes both time and energy of the people. The domestic stuff consists of many items such as an almirah, washing machine, TV, refrigerator, and other things. And sometimes people want to shift their office and relocate office stuff, which is also a major problem. Vrl packers and movers come forward to provide reliable relocation services in Bangalore to solve problems related to moving goods or other items. Vrl packers and movers transport the goods and items from Bangalore to a new location without any damage.

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Characteristics of Vrl packers and movers

We help customers shift their household and office items from Bangalore to new places. The most important thing about Vrl packers and movers is that we charge very low prices compared to the survey. To know more about packers and movers in Bangalore, first need to understand the essential characteristics of packers and movers in Bangalore, as given below.

Proper Management Vrl packers and movers adopt new techniques of management which ensure the safety of goods. We provide adequate training for the worker, with the sole purpose of adequately managing goods. So the client's items are to relocate to a new location without any damage safely. Proper management results in a safe or proper transfer of goods and minimises the risk of damage.

Complete harmony The Vrl packers and movers team tries to connect the team members and the customer in Bangalore. It creates a good relationship between both members of the team and customers.

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Effective plan and strategy Proper project implementation is essential to relocate the goods or shift goods safely or without any damage. Vrl packer and mover in Bangalore make a proper plan before packing the goods. Thus a suitable plan and a set of rules are made. So the goods are shifted safely to minimise the risk of damage.

Scientific methods are used Vrl packers and movers always use scientific and innovative methods. These methods are safe, minimising the cost of shifting and protecting the goods. We use the proper method for packaging goods, which is the most important step in moving the goods.

Classification of work Vrl packers and movers have classified the work based on specialties. Vrl packers and movers do work effectively in a proper way. Every worker is assigned a specific task to perform and minimise confusion and help in working efficiently.

What makes us one of the best relocation service providers in Bangalore?

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Vrl packers and movers is a firm located in Bangalore. We provide shifting or relocating services for goods transfer to different places from Bangalore. Also, we provide to our customers or client and solve all the problems related to shifting goods in Bangalore.

Professional- Vrl packers and movers are professionals in moving goods from Bangalore. We use innovative methods and proper management of goods which minimise the risk of goods getting damaged during the shifting process.

Service provider- Vrl packers and movers are one of the best relocation service provider in Bangalore. We charge based on different relocation services provide to customers.

Economical - The movers and packers service we provide to our customers is very cost-friendly. Any individual can afford our packers and movers services.

Discipline team- Vrl packers and movers team members are disciplined and well qualified. We ensure that the goods are shifted to your location on time and a proper address without creating confusion.

Coordination with customers- Vrl packers and movers team maintain proper balance among the other movers in Bangalore. We make sure that the team members coordinate correctly with the customer, so the customer does not need to feel uncomfortable or awkward.

100% guarantee of goods- Vrl packers and movers use innovative techniques to safely transfer goods from Bangalore to the new place. In any case, if goods are damaged for any reason while shifting the goods, we take all burden of damaging the goods. Because we also provide insurance for the safety of goods. It makes customer tension free and enjoys travelling.

Vrl packers and movers charges in Bangalore

House Size Labours Cost Packing Cost
1BHK Rs.2200 Rs.3500
2BHK Rs.3800 Rs.6500
3BHK Rs.5200 Rs.9500
Office Shifting Charges Rs.5800-12000 Rs.8500-30000


These charges given above do not include transport charges, these charges are based on your distance. And you always feel extra GST charges if you are getting work done from any legal company.

The objective of Vrl packers and movers

advantages of hiring movers and packers in India

The ultimate goal of Vrl packers and movers is to provide the best shifting service to our customers, which leads to customer satisfaction. The team harmony, coordination, and communication are brilliant. The ultimate objective of Vrl packers and movers is customer satisfaction and goods shifting safely and without delay.

Services we provide to our customers - We provide various relocation services by shifting goods from Bangalore to customers at reasonable rates. We provide godown facilities, and vehicle transportation services are also offered to the customers.

Responsible team members- Vrl packers and movers team members are accountable for the task to perform. Our team takes all the customer's responsibilities of shifting the goods from Bangalore to your new location. We take all the burden of moving the goods from Bangalore once you hire our moving services.

Brilliant packaging- Vrl packers and movers use quality packaging services in Bangalore. We use high-quality packaging because it makes good safer while shifting goods. It reduces the burden on customers because of the worry about the goods' security.

Deliver the goods to a proper address- Vrl packers and movers always deliver the goods to a proper address without any confusion or delay. We help our customers with the relocation of goods to a new space. Some goods are heavy, and one person cannot adjust them, so the Vrl packers and movers team also help the customer adjust the goods.

Vrl packers and movers use scientific methods and innovative techniques to make the goods of customers more safe and protected. The work is classified based on the worker's ability and ensures the work is completed on time without confusion. Vrl packers and movers are professional moving service providers. Thus Vrl packers and movers are shifting the goods professionally in Bangalore.